subota, 24. siječnja 2015.


Hi, guys!
Finally, the weekend... at home... with some books... me sad. Whatever!
I woke up late, home alone. I'm watching Gnomeo&Juliet, hah, and listening to Kanye West. Since I heard him in caffee bar before two days I'm bound to fall in love, uh-huh, honey.

I'm drinking Irish cappuccino and eating some triolade chocolate. I have to write down all the things I have to do these days. Latin, geography, math, physics, biology and 4 books, old, boring, incomprehensible.

And now, I'll show you my new babies. I'm so in love with 'em. 
First are Adidas Ortholite, the second most comfortable sneakers after Nike Air Max. These babies are so cute and so pink! (my fav colour, hah)

Second are Nike Revolution 2. They're perfect, too. That blue and green are so striking!

And sugar for the end, they're not new, but the best!

I have some free time now and than I'll do some makeup on two girls. 
Have fun tonight, bye!


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