utorak, 13. siječnja 2015.


Hello! Here comes the first post on my new blog! I'm so excited about this!

I went to Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina last Sunday. My brother has been there for few days with his football team so we decide to go there and cheer for them.

It was a really bad weather in Sarajevo. Fog in the morning, than sun, and suddenly snow, awful. I was pretty tired cause we were in the car for 7 hours, omg.
I decide to wear something cozy and warm, thanks God, haha.

On these photos, I'm wearing jacket from Brodway NYC, new H&M high-waisted jeans in black, bag which is also from H&M and Timberland boots. You can't see, but underneath my jacket is Ramones T-shirt from C&A and brown cardigan from Takko Fashion. From accessorize, I put only my Guess watch, some simple earrings, my favourite minimal baroque sunglasses and  my lovely scarf.
Makeup was natural.

King Fahd Mosque

Vucko, the mascot of the 14th Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo

Mom and I

Map of Novi Grad Sarajevo

You just can't come home from Bosnia without cheap cigarettes.

BM hotel 


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